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M&K Global is the unified merger of DroneTalks, an online platform that connects the drone community through shared ideas and educational content, and Murzilli Consulting, a digital aviation consultancy firm that supports clients in succeeding with their regulation and compliance strategies.

The company was founded in Bern, Switzerland, in 2023 and has business entities in Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Hungary. The company’s combined services regarding advanced air mobility specialise in education and training programmes, product certification, and regulatory strategic planning and implementation. The full service agency also provides stakeholders with a communication platform and a yearly event for C-level executives, service users and government authorities to discuss industry-related topics.

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Murzilli Services

Murzilli Consulting offers expert guidance across aviation regulations, safety assessments, certification processes, and airspace modernization to elevate your aerospace projects.

Regulatory Strategy

We can help to prepare and execute your product deployment in your specific target market.

Aviation authority liaison

For those new to the aviation industry, we're happy to offer our network and connections to support your business with aviation authority liaison with the relevant aviation authorities.

Third-Party validation for SORA Mitigations and Operational Safety Objectives (OSOs) at High Robustness

We provide third-party validation activities for SORA mitigations and OSOs at high levels of robustness in your SAIL III operation.

U-space service provider (USSP) certification

Murzilli Consulting can provide support to organisations looking to gain traction as leading players in the new U-space airspace and are required to undergo the approval process as a U-space service provider (USSP).

U-Space regulatory consulting and strategy

Murzilli Consulting can provide consulting services to authorities, government officials, cities and industry stakeholders to establish a U-space airspace.

Aircraft and system safety assessment and development assurance

Murzilli Consulting can support you with providing system safety assessments or with the proper application of the correct development assurance level processes.

Light UAS Operator Certification (LUC) in Europe

Murzilli Consulting can support with preparing the LUC documentation and receiving the final approval from the national aviation authority to enable self-authorisation of your flights.

Initial project assessment

Our team will evaluate how ready your project is to tackle the required regulatory hurdles. We’ll perform this assessment on-site, where we’ll do an in-depth review of your organisation and product maturity.

Airspace Services

Murzilli Consulting provides multiple services for the modernisation and implementation of airspace services and air traffic data management schemes.

Organisational development

We support you in structuring and growing your organisation and to build up the right capabilities to enable and efficient and effective engineering organisation.

Customised reports

Our reports are based on extensive research and are both written and reviewed by industry experts to ensure accuracy and reliability. Our technical editor also guarantees that our reports meet the highest quality standards.

UAS C-Class and CE marking

Murzilli Consulting provides services to help organisations comply with EU Reg. 2019/945, which is for the required certification from a notified body. Our team is able to accelerate the certification process and ensure that the time and effort for coordination and background checks with the notified bodies are reduced.

Assurance, safety and quality systems

Murzilli Consulting can support organisations to establish solid assurance, safety, or quality management systems.

Design verification report (DVR) and type certification (TC)

Murzilli Consulting can help your organisation achieve the design verification report (DVR) from EASA for SAIL I, II, III and IV or to go through the type certification process from EASA, FAA or other authorities.

Operational authorisations (SORA)

Supporting organisations in gaining operational authorisations (SORA) for any SAIL in any country where SORA is accepted. We can also navigate the challenges of SAIL III and IV.

DroneTalks services

DroneTalks offers exclusive events for aerial city stakeholders, comprehensive UAS regulatory training, and targeted marketing and PR services to enhance your drone industry presence.

Aerial Cities

The invite-only global event for
decision makers
AAM and drone decision-makers
City and government officials
Drone service users

Academy and Education

Online and in-person courses
UAS Regulatory and SORA training with flight Practise
SORA fundamentals Training
U-space Training
SORA Practicioner Training

Marketing and PR

Highlights include:
Articles and Blogs for industry websites and magazine
Social media posts with visuals
Videos and Webinars
Speaker slots at our industry events

Management Team

Our team brings diverse expertise in technology, stakeholder engagement, business, regulatory affairs, UTM/U-space, and strategic planning, all while operating fluently across multiple languages.

Lorenzo Murzilli

Managing Partner
M&K Global AG

Eszter Kovács

Managing Partner and Director of Stakeholder Engagement
M&K Global AG

Richard Boden

Director of Business Unit
M&K Global AG

Juanjo Sola

Director of Regulatory Affairs and Commercial Space
M&K Global AG

Pawel Trominski

Director of Technology
M&K Global AG

Gabor Tiba

Head of Global Operations
M&K Global AG

Our Clients include

Our diverse client base spans across government agencies, commercial aviation companies, and innovative drone startups, each benefiting from our specialized expertise and tailored solutions in the dynamic aerospace sector.

Office locations

M&K Global AG
M&K Germany GmbH
M&K Aviation Ltd

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